• Uwe Serdült

    Uwe Serdült is vice-director at the Centre for Research on Direct Democracy (c2d) and works there as a principle investigator and lecturer. Before coming to Aarau he taught and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Universities of Zurich and Geneva respectively. Research stays lead him to Poland (PU Cracow), Japan (Waseda and Ritsumeikan University) and the USA (University of Pittsburgh, PA). He studied History, Political Science and Computer Science at the Universities of Zurich and Geneva. He wrote his doctoral thesis in the field of comparative public policy at the Institute of Political Science, University of Zurich.

    Academic Interests:

    His research interests include direct (www.c2d.ch) and electronic democracy (see projects here), decision making processes and structures (www.apes-tool.ch), institutional change and comparative public policy.

    In 2004 he has launched a conference series bringing together applied international social network research from around the globe and recently merged into a bigger European SNA conference- EUSN.

    Within electronic democracy he is especially interested in internet voting, social networks of internauts, digital divide issues, and the long term effects of e-democracy on political systems. Ongoing research in the field of e-democracy includes further development of internet based platforms and tools for citizens, public administrations as well as academia in order to enhance transparency and deliberation in an information society.


    Recent publications (see full list here):

    Serdült, Uwe (2015) A dormant institution – history, legal norms and practice of the recall in Switzerland, Representation. doi:10.1080/00344893.2015.1056219

    Serdült, Uwe and Yanina Welp (2015) How Sustainable is Democratic Innovation? Tracking Neighborhood Councils in Montevideo, Journal of Politics in Latin America 2, 131-148.

    Serdült, Uwe; Micha Germann; Fernando Mendez; Alicia Portenier and Christoph Wellig (2015) Fifteen Years of Internet Voting in Switzerland: History, Governance and Use, IEEE Xplore CFP1527Y-PRT, 126-132.

    Garcia, David; Abisheva, Adiya; Schweighofer, Simon; Serdült, Uwe; Schweitzer, Frank (2015) Ideological and Temporal Components of Network Polarization in Online Political Participatory Media, Policy & Internet 7 (1), 46-79.

    Serdült, Uwe (2014) Referendums in Switzerland, in: Qvortrup, Matt (Ed.) Referendums around the World: The Continued Growth of Direct Democracy, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 65-121.

    Welp, Yanina and Uwe Serdült (2014) (Eds.) La dosis hace el veneno: Análisis de la revocatoria del mandato en Suiza, Estados Unidos y América Latina. [Serie Ciencia y Democracia]. Instituto para la Democracia del CNE, Ecuador.

    Germann, Micha and Uwe Serdült (2014) Internet Voting for Expatriates: The Swiss Case, eJournal of eDemocracy & Open Government 6 (2), 197-215.

    Germann, Micha; Mendez, Fernando; Wheatley, Jonathan and Serdült, Uwe (2014) Spatial Maps in Voting Advice Applications: The Case for Dynamic Scale Validation, Acta Politica 29, 1-25.

    Telephone: +41 (0)62 836 94 33